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High n’ Tight

Remember the blonde guy that got to have some black cock in his ass in a past┬árearstable scene? well you get to see him having an encore here this afternoon as he gets to have his fuck buddy give him a nice and good dicking without delay in this one. And the whole thing is because he wanted to have some extra tending done after his haircut. That buddy of his is a stylist and the guy that fixes up his hair usually. And this isn’t the first time that the two get to do this. So anyway, watch closely and see the blonde guy from┬árearstable as he gets to have some more fucking done today and you can see him riding a nice and big dick with that ass for this one!

The real fun begins as soon as the guy is done with trimming his hair. And while both are dressed, you will see those outfits fly off of them pretty fast in this one as they are all eager to get to be naughty with one another too. We’re sure that you will enjoy checking it out too and of course, the blonde guy gets around to suck and slurp on some man meat with a true passion here today. Watch him get on top of it too and see him riding it with that tight ass of his like last time that you got to see him in action. We’ll be back again next week with another new show for you to see and check out as well. See you all ladies and gents then okay?


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