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Total Exposure

And as another fresh week comes around it’s time to see another rearstable scene. We promised you last week that we’d have something that was right up your alley and here it is in all it’s glory. As you can see it’s one big and hunky muscular stud as he gets to be the top while he gets to fuck a bit of a smaller guy that is just too cute to resist. They get to play the whole afternoon outdoors as you can see and they had lots of fun being naked in nature as it were. So let’s get to see their rearstable scene as the two get to fuck hard style under the hot summer sun this fine day and watch them put on a truly incredible show for you all to check out!


They have this nice little bench to use for their little session and you can bet that they got to put it to good use. As you know, the site is the best place to come and check out whenever you feel a need to check out some hot studs like these two go to town on one another’s eager holes. And we think that we pretty much fulfilled that constantly, as we always have the best of the best guys around here. Anyway, take your time to enjoy seeing the cute guy moan in pleasure as he gets fucked in every way possible here today and remember to check back soon for even more new shows. If you want more right now, you can take the time and check out the past updates as well!

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RearStable – Cock Craze

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to another rearstable hot scene with another pair of horny guys. We know what you want to see and rest assured that there’s more of that you can check out in today’s naughty little update. We have two guys that are just crazy about one another’s cocks and as you can see, this afternoon they were busy painting some doors and stuff. But it seems that when they went to take a break they forgot all about work in this new rearstable gallery and they just ended up fucking one another nice and hard instead. So let’s get to see more in detail what these two ended up doing today shall we?

So yeah, when break time came around, the two weren’t interested in doing anything else but fuck it seems. Those overalls and other clothes come off quick and the two show you their perfectly chiseled bodies on cam today. The only thing that they end up keeping is their boots and they just go for it. See them taking turns to take it in the ass here today and you can enjoy the view of these two horny and muscular guys as they get around to fuck one another all over the place. Just watch them go to town on one another and come back again soon to see another special and hot gallery with kinky sex. We’ll be waiting for you right here with it and you just need to see it!


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The Thirst Is Real

You dropped in again at just the right time to check out the most brand new and entertaining rearstable scene here for the week with another pair of hunks getting nasty. Well you know how it works, there’s always some amazing new guys that get to play with one another in these galleries here and you get to check them all out every single week when we always have a brand new collection of studs all ready to get nasty and naughty with one another for you all to check out too. So let’s see this new rearstable scene with these hunks as they get around to have their fun as they take their time fucking one another in the ass and showing off their skills in bed for you!


The show here begins, and much like the title, the two guys are quite thirsty for one another’s sexy asses and they were super down to do some hard style fucking with one another. See them put that black leather furniture to great use this fine day and you can see the guy with tattoos taking the reins as he makes sure to start plowing his fuck buddy up the ass here this afternoon. But that’s after the guy used his oral skills to get him hard. So that’s why now he wants to reward the guy with a amazing ass fucking without delay too. Enjoy this one and make sure to check back soon for many more new scenes and fresh content featuring hot studs playing!

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RearStable – Beef Squad

Welcome welcome, everybody. We’re back with more new rearstable action here today and you won’t believe the juicy and hot scenes that we’re having here to show off just for you this afternoon. You see, there’s two brand new hunks that were dying to show off what they’ve got to you all in their scene today and you just have to see these two juicy and hot muscular men going wild on one another’s asses. Well for the most part as the bald guy was the one that wanted to take it more up the ass in today’s rear stable scene. But it’s fine as his tattooed friend is more than happy to plow his ass with his mighty and thick cock this afternoon!

It looks like the two were just done with some sports practice, but they were the only ones in the locker room. Which meant that they had the place to themselves and could do whatever they wanted with one another. And well, you know where you are, and just how horny these muscled studs can get. So yeah, they settled to have a nice and rough fuck today and you get to see it all go down as the cameras caught this from every possible angle. Watch the bald guy getting to moan loudly as he gets taken in the ass from behind and you can enjoy one stunningly hot and sexy fuck fest with these two. We’ll see you again soon with more new and juicy content!


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State Of Arousal

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and juicy rearstable scene here with another pair of guys. State of arousal is the perfect theme for this one as it describes it perfectly here today. The two guys were superbly horny and they wanted to have a go at one another’s hot asses today without delay. And so, they ended up playing with each other in very very kinky ways for the scene here today and you just have to see it all unfold without delay. There are some pretty impressive and intense sex sessions that the two have for rear stable here and you just have to watch them going to town on one another’s sexy asses this afternoon!


Ah and we forgot to mention that this one is another sexy and juicy interracial fuck with the black stud getting to be on the recieving end of a big white cock here today. The two studs still take their time to do a nice sixty nine and suck one another off and rim each other’s asses. But by the looks of it, the black guy was just too horny to wait any longer so he just bend over for the white guy and then you can see him moan in pleasure while he gets to take it doggie style from the white guy for the rest of the scene. And as a bonus you can see his cute ass covered in jizz as well when the guy blows his load all over him. See you guys next week once more and have fun!

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RearStable – Auto Erotic

Auto erotica is the perfect way to describe the rearstable scene with the two guys here this afternoon as they get to be naughty and nasty with each other for your viewing pleasure. The two guys really adore muscle cars, and we mean they reaaaaaly adore muscle cars. It’s the thing that they talk most of the time about and you can bet that the red dodge that they have there in the back was put to some use as well. More kinky one and normal too. But anyway, today you will get to see them fucking in the garage right besides it as they were just done with some maintenance in the start of this rear stable scene and you just have to see these two fuck today!

And since we briefly mentioned it, yes, they do like to do it in the car sometimes, as nothing drives them more wild and makes them more horny than getting to be inside of there on those cream leather seats and pounding each other in the ass. But it looks like they didn’t want to dirty it up for today as they got around to have their sexual fun. So just watch them getting to fuck on the side somewhere. They make quick work of those clothes and then you can see them taking turns to plow each other nice and deep in their butts for the rest of this juicy scene. We’ll be seeing you all again next week with another update so make sure to come on by and check it out!


Take a look at these jocks fucking in the car shop!

RearStable – Labyrinth

For today’s new rearstable scene we have another extra juicy collection of images for you all to see and check out without delay for the afternoon. We know how much you just adore to check out some amazingly hot and sexy guys getting naked and naughty and you just have to see what they ended up doing here today. The duo is quite amazing at putting on quite the naughty and kinky fuck fest for you all to see and we can pretty much guarantee that you will adore this sexy rearstable scene. So anyway, we bet that you are eager to see what we’re talking about so let’s get to see some muscled dudes do some intense fucking here today!


As their scene begins, the two make their entry and you can already notice that they are sporting pretty much nothing but their black boots and that’s it. The hairier of the two, gets to be the one to do the dicking and so, because of that, his fuck buddy for the afternoon gets to take his time and suck on his cock with a passion to make sure that he is rock hard. He rubbers him up and then you can see the guy spreading his legs for the guy and eagerly waiting to take it in the ass. Watch closely as the man gets to moan in pleasure while he’s fucked missionary style and we hope that you will enjoy this one as much as you can. Bye bye for now!

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Nasty Fuckers

Well everyone, you came just in time to check out a new and hot rearstable scene this week with another pair of guys showing off their naughty stuff for you. They are both hairy and burly men and these two bears are about to rock your world with their simply exquisite fuck fest for the afternoon. Sit your ass down and check out what is probably one of the best gay fucking sessions on this site with these two as they get around to have their fun plowing each other in the ass for the best part of this glorious and sexy rearstable scene. So yeah, let’s get this show going and let’s watch the two of them getting to fuck each other hard without delays shall we?

Their little setting is this basement where they can do whatever they want in private and they even set themselves up a nice little comfy mattress to play on too. It seems that the one with more of a beard that the other wants to get to be on top, so check him out getting ready to ride some fine cock as he sucks his buddy off with his lips and aids him in rubbering up too. Anyway, once that is said and done, you can check him out taking his spot on top and beginning to ride it nice and hard for the rest of the scene here today. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the show as always and more will come your way next week as well. Enjoy yourselves until then!


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RearStable – Gun Show

Hey there again guys. As promised last time we’ve come back with today’s rearstable scene that gets to show off some more new and intriguing fuck sessions with some amazing guys in action. It’s another threesome, so you know that that means, you can check out some pretty intense fuck sessions with the trio getting naughty and nasty with each other. Their time here together is just amazing as you get to see them going at it and this is one of those hot and sensual rearstable scenes that you won’t want to miss for sure as well. So yeah, let’s see more horny and sexy studs getting to have some intense and juicy fuck sessions with one another!


The gun show is quite the perfect title of this scene as all the guys in this one have big bulging muscles. Well all the guys on the site here do, but hey. Anyway, they were in the store room working on cleaning up the place but it seems that after getting sweaty they started to take off clothes and that just served to get each other more and more turned on. Rest assured that eventually they just couldn’t hold back from one another and you can see some intense and passionate foreplay with kissing, cock sucking and anal rimming too. Watch one guy at some point taking it up the ass missionary style, and in the meantime, his other buddy lets him eat some ass too as he sits on his face. It’s truly a great show and more will arrive soon!

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Hung Country

Rearstable is back in black as it were for this afternoon and we bring you some more new and kinky things to check out on your screens for the afternoon as we have two new guys getting to show off their love for one another and passionate fucking too. The guys get to play in the back yard for this one as it was a pretty nice and warm sunny day and the clean air was just perfect for a refreshing outdoor fuck. Anyway, once it gets started we bet that you ladies and gents won’t be able to take your eyes of this rearstable duo here as they get more and more nasty. So yeah, let’s get to see them fucking one another today without delay!

The show begins with them making their way to the porch in the back yard and once there, the duo starts to undress. Watch them getting touchy feely with one another as they get to undress each other and once all nude, you get to see them getting to do more naughty stuff like sucking one another off and rimming each other’s sexy asses too. They get to bend one another over the coffee table they have there and you can watch them taking their sweet time to pound each other anally for the rest of their sexy and glorious show today. We hope to see you again soon as we have even more kinky gay scenes to show off to you all. See you then everybody!


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